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Michael Moorcock Galeia de Capas

Moorcock, Michael (1939– ) 

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Michael Moorcock has had enough careers in the world of publishing for several people. He is one of the most respected fantasy novelists, creator of Elric of Melnibone and the Eternal Champion under various other guises, and has written mainstream novels and spy thrillers. In science fiction, he has written everything from space opera and pastiches of Edgar Rice BURROUGHS to finely crafted and serious work, including Hugo and Nebula Award winners. He edited New Worlds Magazine for several years and was one of the major figures in the British New Wave movement, which helped provide a forum for the experimental work of J. G. BALLARD, Langdon Jones, Thomas DISCH, and other writers of that period. His JERRY CORNELIUS SERIES is the best-known example of the innovative and nontraditional writing styles associated with the New Wave movement; that series, to which Moorcock continues to add, is virtually the only remnant of the New Wave’s nonrealistic and self-conscious styling that has remained in print.

Don D'Ammassa, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, 2002.

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